Open Education Image

Open Education Image

When I think about Open Education I am not so much concerned with the whys but more with the hows and the outcomes. So for me as a teacher and as a student the most important part of it is being able to choose instead of having my education spoonfed to me by the institution. I am sure that choice is a great part of the reason only about 15% of the students who enroll in a course finish. Maybe they didn’t find exactly what they wanted. Or maybe they didn’t have the time to complete the course at the time. But the important thing is that they have the choice to take the course–even again and again if they wish, until they achieve the learning outcome that they want.


2 thoughts on “Open Education Image

  1. reasuring to know how people feel start on this MOOCS journey of discovery, I was at the Going global conference in Dubai and our friend David Williets talked about this new kid on the block called moocs and that everyone should get involved and benefit. I was intrigued and saw the opportuity to learn more and took it. I am an education advisor and just need to know more and how this will help my planning and design of projects in the ensure everyone has access to learning.

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