Digital Skills for the 21st Century

Here is a list of some digital skills all teachers and students should have according to

  1. Life-long Learning: the ability to self-teach new concepts in a quickly changing work environment.
  2. Understanding Copyrights: know the difference between ‘fair use’, plagiarism, creative commons and other copy-right related topics.
  3. Time Management: know the online digital tools that can aid in time mangement and planning.
  4. Graphic Design: ability to edit and resize images for online presentations and exhibit.
  5. Audio recordig: ability to create, edit and publish audio recorings.
  6. Web 2.0: understand the appropriate uses of Web 2.0, both in the classroom and on the job. Know the limits and danges of Web 2.0 in these contexts as well.
  7. Screencapture/video: know how to edit and creat screen captures and videos for educational and/or work needs.
  8. ePortfolios (Agile Portfolios): know how to create, edit and manage an online eportfolio, or Agile portfolio, for educational or professional exhibit.
  9. Online Talks: know how to created, edit, and manged online webinars, trainings, or presentations.
  10. Mobile Learning: know how to exploit mobile technologies for education and work related needs.
  11. Collaboration: know how to use a variety of online office tools and file sharing compents for virtual collaboration.

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