Hybred Courses


I’ve just finished the Canvas course Hybred Courses: Best of Both Worlds with Liz Falconer. It was designed to teach us what hybred teaching is, what tools are available to for a hybred class and how to plan a hybred class.

We talked about the difference between being the “sage on the stage” or the “guide on the side.” The first is the traditional image of a teacher as the know-all/be-all in the classroom as opposed to the teacher as resource for learning or even co-learner. I really like the second option. It gives us the ability to be human beings and to work WITH our students to build the kind of education each one wants. In a way, it is more work at the beginning. But once the students take their learning in their own hands, it is less work for the teacher and much more exciting and rewarding.

The image I posted here is what comes to my mind for most of us teachers at this point. We have one foot in the traditional world and one in the new world, but we must be intrepid explorers to take ourselves and guide our students. A hybred class doesn’t mean that all the “old” ways of doing things are bad and have to be abandoned. It means we take the best of the old with us along into the new world of education.


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