I’ve started’s new #GE4L Game Elements For Learning MOOC and have to say that it has the most jumbled system of links and activities that I have come across. It looks to have much and varied content, but I feel lost in a maze without a map to guide me.

In the first module we were sent to learn about Twitter chats. I have a Twitter account @DeckardLynda and I have to admit that I haven’t spent time to learn all the ins and outs of how to power use it. But I resented having to sign up for a Wiki account to follow the tutorials for the MOOC. And after I’d signed up, I was never directed back to the part of the tutorial where I left off!

Creating avatars were fun and the classmates seem interested and ready for interaction. But I wonder how many of us will finishe this MOOC. I’ve already spent more than my allotted hours slogging about in the myriad of links and haven’t gotten any farther than 0.4 of the 0.11 links and activities.

I am excited about the opportunity to learn in depth about game elements, because I am planning a zombie apocalypse game for my EFL students next semester and I could use some pointers.

Stay tuned, gentle readers, to see if our heroine survives the Menace of the MOOC.


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