DTActionLab Assignment

DTActionLab Assignment

1. Interview students to learn what is important to them in a locker space

2. Check out other locker designs available on internet

3. Talk to administration to see their ideas and their perceived money/space restrictions

4. Check out alternatives to traditional lockers available

Stanford University is currently hosting a MOOC called Design Thinking Action Lab. It is based on the idea of using Design Thinking techniques to solve any kind of problems. Our first assignment is to redesign the locker area in a large public school. The goal of this practice is for students to become mindful of how they approach challenges, and reflect on how they personally experienced the different stages and underlying mindsets of the design process. In the words of John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design, “Making a process visible, makes a practice reflectable.”

For me, the first thing to do in a situation like this is to know what the students and administration think about the current locker area they have. What are the things the students like and dislike about their locker area? What changes do they envision? And what restrictions, especially those of money and space do the administrators perceive.

The next thing would be to check out locker designs available through good internet research and talking to current locker designers. What could they suggest to fulfill the expectations of the students and staff?

And finally I would go completely outside the traditional and talk to innovative designers to see what suggestions they have for innovative storage spaces for students, keeping in mind the previously collected data from students and administrators.


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