DTActionLab Assignment

1. Interview students to learn what is important to them in a locker space 2. Check out other locker designs available on internet 3. Talk to administration to see their ideas and their perceived money/space restrictions 4. Check out alternatives to traditional lockers available Stanford University is currently hosting a MOOC called Design Thinking Action […]

Using Skype in the Classroom

  I have just made a page to collaborate with Skype for my EFL students.  We want to find penpals who want to exchange English practice for Spanish practice.  Since my students are native speakers, they would be GREAT practice partners for students studying Spanish.  And we are looking for native speakers to practice our […]


I’ve started Canvas.net’s new #GE4L Game Elements For Learning MOOC and have to say that it has the most jumbled system of links and activities that I have come across. It looks to have much and varied content, but I feel lost in a maze without a map to guide me. In the first module […]

Hybred Courses

I’ve just finished the Canvas course Hybred Courses: Best of Both Worlds with Liz Falconer. It was designed to teach us what hybred teaching is, what tools are available to for a hybred class and how to plan a hybred class. We talked about the difference between being the “sage on the stage” or the […]